POLO & PAN – Coeur Croisé

The few days of summer weather just passed and we discovered with joy “Caravelle”, the first album of the duo of French DJ Polo & Pan.

Benjamin, Cléa, Christophe… Behind this name are Polocorp (Paul Armand-Delille) and Peter Pan (Alexandre Grynzpan), two DJs from the Parisian nights who started working together at the Baron before publishing several titles on the Internet, two EPs and finally this amazing album full of Influences and references.

Listening to “Caravelle”, it’s like a journey through time and the world, almost a concept album that begins in the Abyss (the first title of the disc) to end in an imaginary Country.

The music of Polo & Pan is almost irresistibly endearing, because it mixes of very warm sounds like tropical percussion and the cold electronic instrument: the exact feeling as if you was sipping a cold drink on a beach in summer. And the mixed voices that you do not know if they are the result of natural harmonies or an electronic vocoder.

All of the tracks are made of simple and catchy melodies. And for good reason, they do not use samples coming from the 50s but they refer to the imagery of the films of Jacques Demy (Coeur croisé), the Wizard of Oz (Dorothy) or some Disney movies as “Robin Hood”.

Video source: POLO & PAN
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