Oscar and the Wolf – Breathing

Belgian artist Oscar & The Wolf has shared emphatic new cut ‘Breathing’. The multi-media artist – real name Max Colombie – is colossal in his native Belgium, able to play headline shows to more than 20,000 fans at a time.

Fusing exquisite pop with an artful touch, matching a cinematic quality to an emotive flair, it’s clear that the rest of the world could soon fall under the spell of Oscar & The Wolf.

The sex appeal of Oscar and the Wolf’s latest single, “Breathing,” is laced with melancholy, but it has an undeniable lustiness. In short: It’s sublime. Everything from the Daft Punk-esque guitar line to the airy “ahs” that keep time with the beat work together to make a song that can’t be described as anything but effortlessly cool.

Of course, we’re going to go a bit further into the magic that is Oscar and the Wolf’s latest. “. Later this summer, his self-titled EP will drop via Neon Gold, while his Infinity album is due out on September 29.

Oscar and the Wolf’s Max Colombie tells that the track itself is “a celebration of sadness for creatures of the night.” For the video, Colombie transforms into a glittering human, performing for us, the audience, on some unknown planet. “The video reflects me as a performer, as one of those creatures,” he says. “My skin [is] made from diamonds reflecting the moon in an otherworldly landscape. Basically, I made myself look in a way I want to look every day, in the landscape of my dreams.”

Video source: Oscar and the Wolf
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