Kalenji Kiprun SD by Decathlon: Designed for Road Runners

This shoe is apparently designed for long outings. Decathlon says that the cushioning of this lightweight shoe will allow your feet to safely eat up long distances in training and competition (from 10km till marathon distance)! So, let’s try them.


I’ve had these running shoes from Decathlon for a month. As I usually run 8 to 15 kilometers, I can now share my view on them, with a quick review.

Personally, for long distance running, I need exactly what this shoe is offering: great cushioning and comfort. This feather light shoe turns my workouts into pleasant road and trail runs in the city parks.
I am glad to own a pair of these and would recommend them to anyone, as they are suitable for all gait types. And the colours are not bad either!

So, if you are looking for a light running shoe with great support, cushioning, extra energy support for long distance running and one that doesn’t break the bank, definitely consider trying these. You have to take into account that this shoe is designed for runners up to 80kg, so you better be fit.

Overall this shoe represents excellent value for its retail price. You can consider this an excellent all-round shoe for runners starting out in distance running.


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