Eric Beauduin’s bags: upcycled fashion accessories

Eric Beauduin is one of the first fashion designers in Belgium to work with upcycled second-hand materials.
In 2001, he began making bags out of vintage clothes in fabric and leather more instinctively rather than from an ecological conviction.
Preserving his attachment to tailoring and clothing detail from his former creations in garments, shoes and bags, he naturally understood the puzzle of dismantling and reassembling. 


Eric remains fascinated by the functional details of clothing (i.e, pockets, straps, buttonholes, topstitched seams, etc.), and the patina inherent in thier usage over time.
His concept came purely from the art of making from direct manufacturing. The process marks the evolution of the product from the designer’s ideas to the client’s desires. Each bag is an experiment.
Eric Beauduin decides his own direction in his work, which is given by the material that he uses and not by industry’s requirements. The freedom and the control of the product is entire.
These non-reproducible pieces require such attention that it is not possible in practice to outsource the production further than Eric’s workshop. Each piece is labeled by number and the production doesn’t run over 350 pieces per year.
This one-off bag concept is about establishing a direct contact with the client in person at Eric’s workshop in Brussels and online through his web store.
The process is completely at ease with its paradoxes: from cutting and dismantling to building and assembling; valuing waste; controlling the experiments; and relieving worldwide issuesby limited editions produced locally.
This alternative way of producing leather accessories strikes a balance between the traditional manufacturing of leather goods and the esteemed habits of a tailor, guarding such clothing details as pockets. The result is an exciting wearable design that spans from accessory to clothing. 


All bags and accessories are cut from second-hand leather jackets (trench coats, bomber jackets, etc.) skirts, and trousers. These are mixed with new leathers for the exposed parts. Occasionally second-hand textiles and fabrics are also utilized. 


The predominant materials used are different types of smooth and suede leathers such as lambskin, calfskin, and goatskin employed in leather clothing manufacturing.
Handles, slings, straps, and piping are made in the same leathers.
The pieces are generally reinforced with fabric interfacing and when needed with thick felt.
The lining is a durable black fabric “pocketing” lining made in Europe. It is created to withstand much use, such as keys and sharp metal objects. The same leather used on the outside of the bag is used alongside the lining inside.
Hardware — buckles, zippers, and snaps— are the highest quality, European-made and are guaranteed to last with proper use.

Eric Beauduin

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