Samsung’s advert mocks Apple fans

The Apple iPhone was revolutionary when it first came out but as time has passed, many of its competitors have either caught up or surpassed the device when it comes to specifications or design. A new ad released by Samsung pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone X – and its now infamous “notch”.
The two companies have been embroiled in countless battles over the years for the dominance of the smartphone market.
The latest ad, which has over 10 millions iews on YouTube, follows a user who switches from Apple to Samsung.
The ad, called Growing Up, shows the man over the years with the various iPhones – and how they compare to the Galaxy models.
But the real dig comes at the end, when he walks by a queue of people lining up for the iPhone X and sees a man whose hairline is shaped like a “notch”.
The protagonist walks right by the queue, with the tagline saying “Upgrade to Galaxy”.

The notch is a half-inch intrusion into the iPhone X’s “edge-to-edge” screen housing the smartphone’s sensors.

It has drawn criticism from many users and app developers for breaking the typical layout of perfect rectangular displays.

The iPhone X was launched last week, with enthusiasts lining up overnight outside Apple stores to get their hands on the latest Apple product.

Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri told the Reuters news agency: “Production is growing every week, and that’s very, very important during a ramp period.”

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