Zeitigung: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Louis Nam Le Van Ho, Alain Franco / Rosas

Almost ten years after Zeitung, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and the musician Alain Franco started off with those same building blocks to create Zeitigung. 

©Anne Van Aerschot 

Against the backdrop of a changing world, and channeled through the bodies of eight young dancers, Franco and De Keersmaeker offer an updated version of their own earlier work.

As a part of their strategy they invited the young choreographer and dancer Louis Nam Le Van Ho to confront his own writing with De Keersmaeker’s choreography; his contribution builds a bridge to a new generation of creators and choreographers, providing a different perspective on De Keersmaeker’s and Franco’s ongoing examination of the essence of dance and composition.

Franco joins Rosas’s dancers on stage, performing the piece live on the piano. In a broad historical gesture, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Arnold Schönberg, and Anton Webern stretches across the geometric principles and improvised sections of the choreography.


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