GUSMEN Exclusive Podcast featuring DIKKY VENDETTA

Dikky Vendetta and the new release for GUSMEN:  I remember moments of the past (LA DEMENCE first floor  – GUSMEN’s favorite gay party in the world)  those we never question. Nonchalant on the dancefloor, Dikky never too far, releasing his house/disco beat and me exalted by remote motion.
Enough for nostalgia.. Dikky is  here and me still on the dancefloor. 
He is a sure musical value releasing once more an exclusive podcast for GUSMEN.
He has evolved naturally and by conviction. The disco high energy mingles now with all electro and house styles of our times. There are sequences in his sets that guarantee a natural high. The mix is sensational. Or it is that he is sensational in all his appearances. 
With this podcast, Dikky searches back to some gentle roots like a kind warm-up and leads the way to some serious stuff after an hour or so. This is where I achieve the highest degree of my dance mood.
I say yes to Dikky’s science. 
But then you also have Dikky the man, the boy, that sweet & sexy figure, the one whose presence kindly and mostly discretely invades our favorite nights out ever.
And only now I get it.. I never saw someone not applauding his sets…
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