Watch-List: Beautiful Secret

Queer film distributors Peccadillo Pictures have compiled the 21st volume of their Boys on Film collection.

Showcasing the best of queer short films, the Boys on Film series has helped to amplify the work of queer filmmakers around the world.

This volume is titled Beautiful Secret – it’s a collection of nine short films that explore the stories of queer guys as they navigate life and love.

One of the joys of this series is that brings together stories from different parts of the globe – there are some geographic and cultural differences, but the films highlight that we’ve all got so much in common.

Boys on Film 21: Beautiful Secret

MEMOIRS OF A GEEZA (UK) Director: Theo James Krekis

A top geeza recalls fights, friends and painting his toenails in this collage of childhood souvenirs and surprises.

WE ARE DANCERS (UK) Director: Joe Morris

It’s 1933 and Berlin is on fire. As a country reels from a rapidly changing political landscape, outspoken performer Hansi Sturm and his troupe of flamboyant supporters must come to terms with the changing times.

MY DAD WORKS THE NIGHT SHIFT (Canada) Director: Zachary Ayotte

Between church choir, Sunday school and swimming practice, fourteen-year-old Felix lusts after older boy Vincent. Despite the threat of a conservative dad breathing down his neck, Felix decides to take the plunge and invites Vincent over to his house…

L’HOMME JETÉE (Switzerland) Director: Loïc Hobi

Theo is an aimless docker pining for adventure in a remote coastal town. When strapping young sailor Giuseppe washes ashore, Theo musters up the courage to face the waves and escape his dull existence by trying to get into Giuseppe’s gruff crew.

MY SWEET PRINCE (UK) Director: Jason Bradbury

Set on the Isle of Wight in 2003, fragments of teenage video diaries collide with the fictional story of 15-year-old Tommy and his search for connection in the advent of the internet age.

DUNGAREES (UK) Director: Abel Rubinstein

Blake and Cane hang out, play video games and grapple with their insecurities. This is the spirited love story of a very modern pair of boys and the trousers they call dungarees.

CLOTHES & BLOW (US/UK) Director: Sam Peter Jackson

For American voice over artist Daniel, life in London is one long autopilot ride of demanding client calls and awkward Grindr meets. But when his mother decides to visit on a whim, Daniel is forced to re-evaluate how fully and authentically he is living his life.

A NORMAL GUY (Romania) Director: George Dogaru

Daniel got lucky tonight: this time he’s not going home alone. But what about his cocky straight brother and meddling girlfriend? Proof if it were needed that hook-ups and hijinks between homos and heteros aren’t so different after all.

PRETTY BOY (Australia) Director: Pierce Hadjincola & Sinclar Suhood

Kevin, a closeted teenager growing up in a rural neighbourhood is forced to contend with the troubles of love, family, and his own journey of self-discovery. With the support of his partner and his sister he learns that not everyone in his life will accept him for who he is.

Boys on Film 21: Beautiful Secret will be released by Peccadillo Pictures on 1 March

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