Explorer Ultra Blue By Montblanc: an energizing journey across waters

Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc is a new citrus aromatic fragrance for men. Three noses, Givaudan’s Jordi Fernandez, Olivier Pescheux, and  have come together. I do like the sound of noses coming together. It sounds like some independent super hero film, like The Avengers meets Rushmore.

The top notes are a zesty fusion of Italian bergamot and citrus of the finest quality, with the addition of a touch of pink peppercorn to deliver a fresh spicy note with woody facets.

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue is intensely fresh, evoking crystalline waters and endless blue skies. It smells like you’ve just taken a family trip to the Mediterranean coast. You’re reminded of the coastline and the ambiance. However it is not just a blue aquatic fragrance, it has masculine woody notes in the body. It’s optimistic, it has a smooth introduction of citrus and spice, Italian bergamot and Pink Pepper are playful and transportive. Coincidentally I’m wearing this whilst listening to God Moving Over the Face of the Waters by Moby. It’s also the outro song to the Michael Mann movie Heat. It does take you on a journey, and if ever a scent had a soundtrack, one that arouses that ethereal yet tangible desire to glide seamlessly across the aquaplanes to the horizon, this is it!

The bottle is a design by Mark Eisen. It continues with the design of the ingenious bottle that holds it, leaning into the Maison’s long tradition of fine European craftsmanship with stops in Germany, Italy and France.  Assembled by hand in the Maison’s Pelleteria in Florence, the bottle’s Ultra Blue leather-like protective sheath is printed with the elegant Saffiano motif used on Montblanc leather creations since 1926, and decorated with the Montblanc emblem crafted in Montblanc’s Hamburg manufacture. The polished white metal engineering gear cap on the bottle is elegantly engraved with “Montblanc Explorer”. 

Nothing really new to mention here except it’s the same iteration as the original EXPLORER but in a deep aquatic blue, reflective of the marine accord that the scent is characterised by. Still, I like it. Solid, perforated, has texture and sits proud on the shelf

Exploration is about uncovering the finest ingredients and skills, and bringing them together to create something new. Intense, infinite and fresh, the Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue journey doesn’t end with the fragrance.

Montblanc’s irrepressible spirit of adventure and exploration is expressed in that new fragrance inspired by the blue of nature.

In Belgium,  Ultra Blue By Montblanc  will be available from May  3 at  Paris XL, Galeria Inno and independent perfumeries,  from June 7  at Planet Parfum.


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