Jimmy Choo Aqua: An invigorating fragrance, infused with marines notes

Since 2014, Jimmy Choo Man has been the iconic men’s fragrance line from the eponymous leather goods brand. Jimmy Choo Man, with its confident style, Jimmy Choo Man Intense, with its sophisticated look and Jimmy Choo Man Blue, with its casual look.

In 2022, the Jimmy Choo Man line expands its range once again with the launch of a new fragrance, Jimmy Choo Man Aqua.

Its bright and refreshing fragrance, inspired by an elegant, ultra-masculine sea breeze, opens a bold new chapter in the Jimmy Choo Man story. Jimmy Choo Man Aqua is a spirited, woody, marine eau de toilette with invigorating seaside accents. Created by perfumers Paul Guerlain and Julien Rasquinet, Jimmy Choo Man Aqua is as lively as sea foam, as fresh as a breeze laden with iodine notes and as revitalising as a morning surfing the waves.

A woody marine fragrance delicately designed around a classic men’s fougère by Paul Guerlain and Julien Rasquinet, Jimmy Choo Man Aqua is an audacious and elegant ode to the evocative and singular notes of the ocean.

The top note is a refreshing wave in which the spicy sweetness of cardamom merges with sparkling grapefruit. Then, we are immersed in an invigorating heart where geranium and clary sage mingle with a marine accord that marks the singularity of Jimmy Choo Man Aqua. In the base, a balanced accord of patchouli and amber takes on a marine feel, thanks to an original moss note with iodized salt accents.

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua shows its affiliation to the Jimmy Choo Man line through its immediately recognisable flaccid bottle, which for the occasion takes on the colour of the seashore, thus echoing the fragrance it contains.

The bluish hues of the ocean are the order of the day on this version, from the cap to the bottle. The elegance of Jimmy Choo’s creations is revealed through obvious signature codes: delicately chiselled silver details on the shoulders and top of the cap; the latter is textured in the image of the materials used by the house for its leather goods.


The Jimmy Choo Man Aqua advertising campaign features Marlon Teixeira, a Brazilian model who has already been the face of several Jimmy Choo Man campaigns. A passionate surfer, Marlon Teixeira is the perfect embodiment of Jimmy Choo Man Aqua’s ambition and boldness.

Photographed in action, smiling and tanned after a surf session, Marlon has a modern look that is both cool and confident. Determined, with an innate sense of elegance, Marlon Teixeira reflects the dynamic and confident side of this new eau de toilette, which adds a new freshness to the Jimmy Choo Man line.

An invigorating fragrance, infused with the invigorating freshness of marine notes, Jimmy Choo Man Aqua is the new olfactory expression of elegant and daring masculinity.




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