Hofke van Bazel, a safe haven in the north of Belgium.

For many, the current oppressive culture of tracking and tracing needs to be suspended. The need to regain control of oneself and one’s environment inspired the creation of this private place.

Privacy, individuality, wellness, escape, sustainability and an intense connection to nature together determine this contemporary hospitality. Take the helm yourself and set the course with whoever you prefer, that’s what this trusted house offers.

Hofke van Bazel – how much can a name say?

For centuries, the word Hofke has been synonymous with a house where you can hide, feel safe and relax. The essence of the term has never changed: it was the literal “rest house” on long walks. Now, it still points to a moment of rest on a far too hectic life.
Hofke van Bazel wants to offer the necessary calm and serenity in a contemporary and holistic way.
Every form of gathering is tailor-made and with the necessary privacy! A meeting with only a few guests and a beautiful wedding celebration are approached in this way and are tailor-made.

Away from the world… partly thanks to the soothing natural surroundings.
Bazel has a lot to offer, in addition to the blissful rural tranquillity that reigns here. Ranked among the most beautiful villages in Flanders, Bazel is home to Wissekerke Castle, St. Peter’s Church and is surrounded by a fascinating heritage.
The Kruibeke polders are the largest flooded area in Flanders (650 hectares of open countryside). A real walking and cycling paradise amidst forests, meadows, mud and salt marshes and thousands of meadow and water birds. The right place to relax and recharge with new energy. A stop at the green stand to fill up on much needed oxygen.
This connection of your body with nature can be a great way to release physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tensions. An experience that is still part of the holistic Relais de Bazel experience.
It is in this idyllic setting that hostess Gina Miurin and Michelin-starred chef Kris De Roy have created the magnificent Relais de Bazel. A serene place where all the warm tones of hospitality are present.

What was this place in the past? 

This stately home dating from 1840 was purchased in 1947 and renovated by the Pien family. Since then it has been the location of the famous notary’s office of his father for generations and then son Notary Patrick Pien. The property was purchased just before the corona crisis, fully renovated and restored to its former glory. The classic architectural style and timeless appearance of this former notary’s house characterise the building.
The symmetrical and clean basic lines give it an authentic and elegant look. The current interior is both elegant and very contemporary.
Today, this building stands for wellbeing and privacy. 

What is the concept of this safe haven?

Hofke van Bazel is a versatile and spacious venue with beautiful gardens that is perfect for organising many events. A holistic and personalised service with a focus on the honest experience of the guests and their privacy is the key to this!
This holistic hospitality service can range from “absolute privacy” to “tailor-made butler service”.
To be discovered in the vicinity: The polders of Kruibeke  but also the impressive vegetable garden of Hofke van Bazel, where the gastronomy of this restaurant has its roots. You could also plan a day journey  to Antwerp  via a trip on the Scheldt (with the waterbus or with a private yacht in Waterlimo)

Private venue Hofke van Bazel is an exclusive and multifunctional place that focuses on personal service. A privileged cocoon consisting of two suites and a loft of very high standing. The decoration and furnishings are the result of the overflowing imagination of the hostess Gina Miurin. While the façade of the old mansion has remained virtually unchanged, the entire interior of the house has been redesigned.

Hofke van Bazel – Fine dining restaurant and exclusive venue.
Koningin Astridplein 11-13 • 9150 Bazel – Belgium.


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