Aveine: the new wine experience!

Based on the observation that wine is sublimated by aeration, Nicolas Naigeon, the founder of Aveine imagined a product that would allow to exhale its flavours, release it character and reveal its aromas in an instant.

Born from the symbiosis between French wine heritage and new technologies, Aveine develops products and services that aim to experience the French art of living, based on discovery, pleasure and sharing.

Because there are as many wines as there are ways to aerate them. And there are as many wine lovers as there are taste perceptions. Aveine allows you to meet everyone’s expectations: perfect service for a unique experience and personalisation of each glass to reveal new flavours.

What’s the results offered by Aveine:

  • The precise calculation of wine aeration allows for immediate consumption, as soon as the bottle is opened.
  • The patented technology (micro-oxygenation) at the base of the product adapts the wine oxygenation by injecting air into the heart of the liquid flow at the time of serving in a precise, controlled and reproducible manner. The amount of air injected depends on the time equivalent to be reproduced.
  • The technology respects the wine nature and does not interfere with it as it is chemical-free.

Only the wine served is aerated, the rest of the bottle remains unchanged. This allows you to play with different aeration times and to match your expect

About the Aveine app:


  • The application allows the aerator to be controlled. After scanning the label of the bottle, the wine is identified using a database – which references over 70,000 vintages – and the use of Artificial Intelligence.
  • It connects to the aerator, automatically calibrates itself and adapt the aeration depending on the selected wine.
  • The application is free, interactive and informative.



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