Coach Open Road: a new fragrance evoking the adventure along the West Coast

Coach presents its new men’s fragrance Coach Open Road. Inspired by the spirit of the American road trip dear to the brand, it evokes the friendship, adventure and optimism shared by three friends during an impromptu trip along the West Coast of the United States.

Fabien Baron, a long-time partner of the brand, is at the helm of this new campaign, which brings together three adventure-loving friends who embark on a road trip along the mythical American West Coast. Focusing on friendship, adventure and the spontaneity of the moment, the campaign reminds us that the best part of the journey is not the destination but the experience and the journey itself.

This new aromatic eau de toilette starts with invigorating and refreshing notes of sparkling Primofiore lemon and juicy red apple, an ode to the great outdoors and adventure. These notes are underlined by an energising pinch of spicy Sichuan pepper, followed by a vibrant blend of lavender and clary sage, evoking the great outdoors and infinite spaces, far from the urban bustle. In the background, a contemporary duo of patchouli and vetiver and the woody softness of cedar vibrate to the rhythm of the landscapes crossed until the next step.

For Coach Open Road, perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault captured the euphoria and spontaneity of an impromptu adventure along the West Coast by creating a dynamic fragrance that evolves with the landscape. The positive energy and pleasure of adventure captured by Fabien’s campaign.


The transparent bottle reveals a blue-grey fragrance that echoes the colours of the American West Coast horizon. It is topped by a grey metal cap inspired by the House’s iconic turnlock details, and engraved with a C at the base, in homage to Coach’s signature.


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