Watch-list: Forget Me Not – a new film from Noel Alejandro

If you’re looking for grown-up gay erotica, it doesn’t get any better than the stylishly sexy work of filmmaker Noel Alejandro.

His latest film is Forget Me Not – inspired by Almodóvar’s film of The Human Voice, a play by Jean Cocteau.

Almodóvar’s film focuses on Tilda Swinton, waiting for her partner to return home and take his belongings after having ended their relationship over the phone. But we never get to know who is at the other end of the line, or the reasons behind his decision. That’s Alejandro’s starting point of Forget Me Not.

Through a one-sided telephone conversation, Forget Me Not delves into topics as deep and universal as the fear of loneliness, the individualism of the 21st century, and the doubts that have to be navigated when it comes to making a life-changing, irreversible decision.

Alejandro’s central protagonist is Leo (Javier des Leon). On the other end of the phone is Raúl, who remains unseen. The other character in this drama is an anonymous sexual encounter (Abel Sanztin) – the man that triggered Leo’s decision to end the relationship with Raúl.

It’s underselling it to describe Alejandro’s work as porn – this is high-end erotic storytelling, compelling, engaging, and arousing.

Javier des Leon is a magnetic presence on screen, and the physical connection with Abel Sanztin is conveyed naturally and authentically.

You’re probably going to want to add this to your watch-list.

Forget Me Not by Noel Alejandro is now available to watch online

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