Sony SRS-XV800: The Ultimate Party Speaker with Unparalleled Battery Life

Sony is revolutionizing the way we experience sound with its latest innovation, the SRS-XV800 speaker. Designed to elevate your parties and bring the cinema experience to your home, this speaker delivers powerful and crystal-clear sound that will leave you and your friends in awe.

The SRS-XV800 features Omni-directional Party Sound, enveloping your space with a powerful surround sound experience. With five tweeters strategically placed at the front and rear of the speaker, combined with two X-Balanced drivers delivering deep and punchy bass, every corner of the room will be filled with vibrant music that will keep the dance floor alive.

The X-Balanced drivers in the SRS-XV800 utilize a unique rectangular diaphragm design, maximizing diaphragm area to deliver intense sound pressure. This ensures deeper bass, reduced distortion, and clearer vocals, creating a truly immersive and rich listening experience.

Don’t let power constraints hinder your enjoyment. The SRS-XV800 is equipped with a durable built-in battery that provides an astonishing 25 hours of continuous playback. Even if you find yourself running low on battery, worry not, as just a quick ten-minute charge will give you an additional three hours of listening time. Plus, the integrated wheels and convenient handle make it effortless to transport the speaker anywhere you desire.

Enhancing the ambiance of any setting, the SRS-XV800 boasts indirect lighting that synchronizes with the rhythm of the music, creating a captivating explosion of color. With ambient lighting that complements your style and the beats, this speaker transforms your space into a mesmerizing party venue.


Not limited to just music, the SRS-XV800 enriches your TV viewing experience as well. With the Sony TV Sound Booster, you’ll be immersed in a world of realistic sound as if you’ve stepped into the on-screen action. By combining the TV’s dialogue sound with the SRS-XV800’s two rear tweeters and X-Balanced speakers, you’ll enjoy enhanced shows and movies with deep bass and realistic highs. The sound waves reverberating off the walls will transport you into the heart of the action, creating a truly immersive experience.

The SRS-XV800 is equipped with karaoke and guitar inputs, allowing you to unleash your inner rockstar and have a blast with friends. The intuitive illuminated touch control panel ensures effortless control, even in low-light environments. With IPX4 water resistance, you can take the party outdoors without worrying about the weather. And thanks to fast Bluetooth® pairing for AndroidTM, connecting your devices has never been easier.

To take your party to the next level, the SRS-XV800 is compatible with Sony | Music Center and Fiestable. With Sony | Music Center, you can easily select playlists, change lighting patterns, and adjust sound modes right from the dance floor. Fiestable offers an array of fun features to create the ultimate party atmosphere, including playlist creation and karaoke functions like Voice Changer, Echo, and DJ Control for adding exciting sound effects.

Sony’s commitment to the environment is evident in the SRS-XV800. The speaker’s chassis incorporates recycled plastic developed specifically for Sony, showcasing the company’s dedication to reducing the environmental impact of its products.

With the SRS-XV800, Sony introduces a speaker that redefines the boundaries of sound.

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