DOCKERS® X MATTHIAS DANDOIS COLLABORATION: A Vintage-Inspired Capsule Rooted in BMX Culture

Dockers® Europe ambassador Matthias Dandois, renowned for his BMX skills and nine-time flatland BMX World Champion title, has teamed up with Dockers® to create a capsule collection that embodies the essence of vintage BMX culture while offering unparalleled freedom of movement.

For Dandois, freedom of movement is not only essential in his BMX riding but also in his everyday style. This made him the perfect match for Dockers® and their casual, California-cool aesthetic. The DOCKERS® x DANDOIS collaboration pays homage to the BMX culture of the late ’80s and ’90s, offering an oversized and laid-back collection that is sustainably designed with recycled fibers, allowing you to move effortlessly wherever you go.

The eight-piece capsule includes a pull-on pant, cut-off shorts, deck jacket, mock neck sweatshirt, and two varieties of t-shirts—a relaxed fit graphic tee and a sleeveless tee. Each piece in the collection showcases utility and craftsmanship, featuring unique design details such as visible linings, embroidery, and a specially-designed DOCKERS® x DANDOIS logo inspired by one of Dandois’ tattoos. The collaboration logo combines Dandois’ tooth and finger tattoo with the Dockers® wing and anchor, creating a symbol that represents both his personal identity and the partnership.

Dandois expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I was thrilled to travel to San Francisco and work hand in hand with Dockers® on this project – it was incredible. We sat and spoke about inspirations, fabrics, colors, styles, designs… and together, I think we developed a really cool capsule.”

Beyond his passion for BMX, Dandois is also an advocate for environmental sustainability. He wanted to ensure that the collection prioritized eco-conscious practices. Each style in the DOCKERS® x DANDOIS capsule is crafted with recycled fibers, including polyester and cotton, and incorporates eco-friendly screen printing techniques.

Nic Rendic, Global Head of Design for Dockers®, commended Dandois’ creativity and inspiration, stating, “Matthias is incredibly creative and inspiring. It was awesome to work with him on reinterpreting some of our timeless classics through the lens of vintage BMX street culture, especially since he was already wearing Dockers® back in the day.”

The DOCKERS® x DANDOIS collection will be available for purchase starting May 15 on, allowing BMX enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts alike to embrace the spirit of BMX culture and experience the fusion of style and functionality.

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