Judy Chicago Collaborates with illycaffè for the New illy Art Collection

Judy Chicago, the acclaimed American artist and pioneer of the Feminist Art Movement, has partnered with illycaffè to create the new illy Art Collection. Known for her large-scale installations such as “The Dinner Party” and “Birth Project,” Chicago celebrates the diverse roles of women throughout history and culture. With this collaboration, she brings her powerful artistic vision to illy’s iconic espresso cups, turning them into a canvas that showcases women’s accomplishments.

The illy Art Collection has a rich history of transforming ordinary espresso cups into works of art by renowned artists. The collection allows artists to express their creativity freely, and Chicago’s contribution goes beyond mere aesthetics. Her artwork on the cups is inspired by her early work, the “Reincarnation Triptych,” and represents the journey of women from societal constraints to cultural and creative freedom. Each cup portrays a notable woman from history, including Maria Antonietta, Madame de Stael, George Sand, and Virginia Woolf.

Cristina Scocchia, CEO of illycaffè, commented on the collaboration, stating that the illy Art Collection by Judy Chicago goes beyond beauty. The shapes and colors on the cups hold a deeper meaning, reflecting the struggles women have faced throughout history and continue to face today. The collection aims to highlight the need for equal opportunities and recognition of women’s contributions.
Judy Chicago expressed her interest in collaborating with illy on this project, emphasizing the importance of making her artwork accessible through everyday products. She hopes that these cups will spark curiosity and conversations about her career while promoting a deeper understanding of women’s history.

The illy Art Collection by Judy Chicago was unveiled at the international contemporary art fair Frieze New York on May 17th, 2023. Following the preview, the collection will be available for purchase starting in July through various channels, including the illy e-shop, illy stores, major retail outlets, and indirect e-commerce platforms.
The collaboration between Judy Chicago and illycaffè not only brings together art and coffee but also serves as a platform to advocate for gender equality and recognition in the art world. Chicago’s influence as an artist extends beyond her artwork, as she has been a vocal advocate for social and environmental justice throughout her career.
As one of the most influential artists of our time, Chicago has consistently challenged the status quo and sought to create spaces for marginalized artists and the protection of all living beings. From establishing the first Feminist Art Program to creating thought-provoking works like “The Dinner Party” and addressing pressing issues in her various projects, she has made an indelible mark on the art world.
Judy Chicago’s collaboration with illycaffè for the new illy Art Collection not only offers a unique artistic experience but also serves as a reminder of the profound impact women have had on history and culture. Through these cups, Chicago’s powerful artwork brings the stories of extraordinary women to the forefront, inspiring conversations and fostering a greater appreciation for women’s achievements throughout time.


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