MR MARVIS X BRUIN PARRY: Unveiling the Wonderman’s Dream World

In a collaboration that celebrates art, creativity, and the spirit of positivity, MR MARVIS and Bruin Parry join forces to bring you an exclusive limited edition swim shorts collection: The Bruin Parry. This extraordinary partnership fuses Bruin Parry’s unique talents as an artist-photographer-supermodel-musician-dancer with MR MARVIS’ commitment to exceptional fit, feel, and style. The result is a true work of art that takes swimwear to the next level.

Bruin Parry, also known as the Wonderman, is a multi-talented artist whose creativity knows no bounds. His infectious positivity, boundless imagination, and love for the world around him shine through in his every endeavor. From the moment the MR MARVIS team met him, Bruin’s smile captivated everyone, and his enthusiasm has remained a driving force behind this extraordinary collaboration.

The Bruin Parry limited edition swim shorts are a visual feast, featuring a patterned design that emerges straight from the depths of Bruin’s imagination. Each pair is a canvas of artistry, reflecting his abstract and imaginative style. With these swim shorts, you not only elevate your swimwear game but also step into the dream world of Bruin Parry, experiencing his unique vision of beauty and creativity.

To bring this partnership to life, MR MARVIS and Bruin Parry present a captivating short film, appropriately titled “Bruin Parry – The Short Film.” Shot at the iconic communal pool, “Het Zuiderbad,” nestled in the heart of Amsterdam near the world-renowned Rijksmuseum, the film serves as a gateway into Bruin’s dream world. Through mesmerizing visuals and powerful storytelling, it captures the essence of Bruin’s philosophy: “dance every day.”

The short film showcases the Wonderman’s unrivaled dance moves, his ability to express emotions through movement, and his unparalleled artistic energy. It is a celebration of life, creativity, and the joy of self-expression. As you watch the film, you become immersed in Bruin’s dream world, where art, music, and dance converge to create a symphony of beauty and inspiration.

By partnering with MR MARVIS, Bruin Parry extends his mission of spreading positivity to a wider audience. Together, they aspire to ignite a sense of wonder, encourage self-expression, and celebrate the vibrant colors of life. The collaboration epitomizes the belief that art and fashion can be powerful vehicles for positive change, inspiring individuals to embrace their unique talents and pursue their dreams with unyielding passion.

The Bruin Parry limited edition swim shorts, priced at €119, are a testament to the creative collaboration between MR MARVIS and Bruin Parry. They represent more than just swimwear; they are wearable art that empowers you to express your individuality, just like the Wonderman himself.

So, dive into Bruin Parry’s dream world, dance every day, and let MR MARVIS and Bruin Parry’s collaboration inspire you to embrace the extraordinary within you. The limited edition swim shorts and the short film release on the 17th of May, promising an unforgettable journey into the realms of creativity, art, and the boundless possibilities of self-expression.

Experience the magic of MR MARVIS X BRUIN PARRY, and dare to dream beyond the ordinary.

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