British Elegance Meets Timeless Design in David Beckham’s 2024 Eyewear Line

 David Beckham, a global icon synonymous with style, has unveiled his latest venture into fashion – the Spring/Summer 2024 Eyewear Collection. Developed in collaboration with Safilo, this line caters to the individual with an appreciation for enduring design sprinkled with a relaxed British elegance and precise attention to detail.

This new range includes both sunglasses and optical frames, each crafted with a blend of exquisite craftsmanship and superior materials. The collection showcases a subtly masculine design punctuated by distinctive details and is enriched by iconic models from the brand, now reimagined with a sleek, flat design that adds an air of lightness to the ensemble.


The promise of optimal vision comes with superior-quality lenses, including new photochromic lenses that adjust their tint based on light changes, making them versatile for day-to-night wear. Moreover, the use of mineral glass lenses enhances visual clarity.

An elegant color palette inspired by the unique sunsets of the Mediterranean, the collection features delicate shades of pink, violet, and orange, alongside natural tones of horn and Havana.

Adorning the Eyewear by David Beckham collection is the iconic Talisman motif, drawing inspiration from bird wings to symbolize power, protection, and freedom. This signature element is visible on the face and sides of the glasses, further highlighted by the laser-engraved DB monogram on the lens.

Available from now select opticians worldwide, the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection by Eyewear by David Beckham is produced and distributed by Safilo Group, a global leader in design, manufacturing, and distribution of sunglasses, optical frames, and sports eyewear.

Pioneering Style for the Modern Man

These sunglasses and optical frames, with their contemporary spirit and subtle detailing, are designed for the stylish man who values fashion while forging his own path, taking cues from international fashion icons. Perfect for special occasions, they can transition seamlessly from day to night, becoming the ideal accessory for life’s most significant moments.

The product line is enhanced with new iconic models revisited with a new flat and fine design that imbues the collection with a spirit of lightness and includes new slim acetate frames.

The DB 7000/S FLAT and Beyond

The DB 7000/S sunglasses, bold and elegant, are now available in a new version with a flat and fine design that offers a feeling of lightness. These square acetate sunglasses are a bestseller in the collection, also suitable for progressive lenses, featuring the discreet Talisman metal detail – embodying freedom, dynamism, travel, and protection.

This collection, including the DB 7041/S and DB 7117/S models, revisits the concept of “motorcycle glasses” into modern, sport-inspired wraparound sunglasses made of acetate with slender and light arms, designed to fit perfectly with a motorcycle helmet.

The Eyewear by David Beckham Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is a statement of individual style. With an offering that balances aesthetics with practicality, Beckham continues to shape the world of fashion eyewear, making it accessible and stylish for the modern man.

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