Scents of Spain: LOEWE’s Latest Perfume Drops Capture Essence and Elegance

LOEWE, renowned for its artistry in crafting luxurious fragrances, introduces two exquisite additions to its Botanical Rainbow collection: LOEWE Agua Drop and LOEWE Solo Vulcan. These fragrances, inspired by the natural beauty of the Spanish landscape, promise to enchant with their unique and aromatic scents.

LOEWE Solo Vulcan, an aromatic masterpiece, combines the rich essence of the new LOEWE accord with notes of thyme, lavender, and vetiver. Crafted by perfumer Nuria Cruelles, this fragrance offers a minimalist interpretation of the classic fougère category, presenting a balsamic, woody, herbal, and fresh scent. It evokes the fiery eruption of a volcano, reflecting the ephemeral power of cistus flowers, a symbol of resilience native to the rocky, rural terrains of Spain.

On the other hand, LOEWE Agua Drop brings a refreshing floral twist. Merging the warmth of the new LOEWE accord with ingredients like bergamot and orange blossom, it results in a fresh, fruity, and woody-amber fragrance with an unusual note of absinthe. This scent captures the tiny dew drops that settle on cistus petals after a cool night, symbolizing purity and renewal.

Both fragrances incorporate the Accord LOEWE, a unique note based on Labdanum—an aromatic oil extracted from cistus. This ingredient not only connects the fragrances in the Botanical Rainbow collection but also embodies the rugged and wild beauty of the Spanish countryside. The white petals of the cistus flower, adorned with a distinctive violet-black splash towards its bright yellow stamen, represent a fleeting beauty, as each flower lasts only a day.

Encased in Jonathan Anderson-designed bottles, these perfumes are as visually appealing as they are olfactively stimulating. Each color represents the unique personality of the fragrance, making them highly collectible and often complementary.

LOEWE Agua Drop and LOEWE Solo Vulcan will be available in select stores and on As LOEWE continues to weave its aromatic DNA into its offerings, these fragrances promise an immersive experience into the essence of nature and the art of fine perfumery.

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