MINI Countryman 2024 : More Muscular Than Ever Before

The MINI Countryman has undergone significant evolution in its third generation, adopting a more imposing and family-oriented stature to better meet the needs of a clientele seeking more space. With a notable extension in length and a series of technical improvements, this version is geared towards a growing family market while maintaining its appeal as a practical and stylish vehicle.

Exterior Design & Dimensions

The 2024 MINI Countryman stretches to 4.44 meters in length, a 13 cm increase over the previous generation, and measures 1.82 meters wide and 1.55 meters high. The wheelbase has also been extended to 2.67 meters, maximizing interior space for passengers and luggage. This isn’t the Countryman we knew anymore. This new version has seemingly spent most of its time in the gym, getting a makeover. This growth in size places it in direct competition with vehicles like the Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLB.

For purists who feel out of place and want to stick with a smaller size, MINI has announced the arrival of the Aceman, which we introduced to you a few weeks ago ( It will be an intermediary between the Cooper and the Countryman.

The exterior design of the new Countryman brilliantly combines the classic charm of MINI with a touch of modern robustness and sophistication. Integrated door handles and redesigned rear lights contribute to a cleaner and more dynamic silhouette. It retains the brand’s iconic grille and round headlights while adding more pronounced design elements that underscore its move to a higher segment.

Interior Design

The interior of the Countryman has changed from the previous model; it is very minimalist. At the driver’s level, the screen behind the steering wheel is gone, replaced by a head-up display and other information through this basic option. The new interior features a unique 24 cm round OLED screen that is quite intuitive. Although innovative, this display presents ergonomic challenges due to the small size of some controls.

The cabin is adorned with high-quality materials, providing a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, with customization options such as ambient lighting effects and innovative material trims. With a panoramic glass roof, the interior enjoys additional brightness. The standard sport seats offer more space to occupants with an extra three centimeters of width at the shoulders and elbows.
The trunk volume, ranging from 450 liters to 1460 liters, can be easily adapted to the needs of the occupants.

Engine Options

The MINI Countryman offers a variety of interesting options for different types of drivers, ranging from the more standard gasoline version to more powerful and even electric options.

The MINI Countryman C appears to be a reasonable choice for those looking for a capable compact vehicle with moderate performance characteristics.With 170 hp (125 kW) and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds, it offers a balance between efficiency and performance, which is typical for an entry-level model of compact SUVs. The 48 V mild hybrid system is also an asset, as it improves energy efficiency by recovering energy during braking.

For driving enthusiasts looking for more excitement, the sportier versions such as the MINI Countryman S ALL4 and the very powerful JCW ALL4 with 300 hp might be more appealing due to their all-wheel drive and increased power, offering a more dynamic and engaging driving experience.

The full electric option, offering between 204 hp and 313 hp, represents an interesting alternative for those looking to combine performance and environmental respect. This shows how MINI adapts its range to meet the diverse needs of the current market, including the growing trend towards electrification.

The diesel version with 163ch will also be available.

Driving Comfort

The 1.5 three-cylinder engine of the Countryman C provides an enjoyable driving experience both in the city and on highways, thanks to precise steering and a well-balanced chassis that ensure a captivating drive with good responsiveness in curves and reassuring stability at high speeds. The driving position is impeccable, as is the support of the seats and the mechanical soundproofing, all contributing to long, stress-free family journeys. The adaptive cruise control is remarkably smooth, and the head-up display proves extremely useful in maintaining focus on the road, as no traditional instrumentation faces the driver.

However, the Countryman can feel quite firm over certain speed bumps and can be downright jarring on rough roads. On highways, air noise is poorly controlled, which can impair driving comfort. The experience is also disrupted by the incessant beeping of the speed limit warning, which is easy to disable but reactivates with each start. Without the head-up display, the driver must take their eyes off the road to check information such as speed on the central screen, which is not ideal for safety.


With a starting price around €40,000 for the basic model in gasoline version with 170hp to €54,950 for JWC the most powerful 300hp model. The MINI Countryman firmly positions itself in the premium segment.

For the diesel, prices range from around €43,000.

As for the electric models, they are priced from €46,250 for the 204 hp version to €52,250 for the top-of-the-range 313 hp model.

What’s the verdict?

The new MINI Countryman marks a major evolution for the model, bringing significant increases in interior space and modularity, as well as balanced performance thanks to efficient engines. It also offers extensive customization possibilities and features an innovative interior design. However, potential buyers must consider some less positive aspects, such as the high cost, especially with necessary option additions, a potentially uncomfortable suspension due to the rigidity of the setup, and a complex user interface. These factors require careful evaluation of priorities. Despite these challenges, the Countryman has successfully become more spacious and modern while remaining true to MINI’s sporty and distinctive spirit, offering increased habitability and technical innovations that should appeal to customers looking for a practical and elegant vehicle.

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