Another Man – Vehap Shehi

Vehap is a young talented architect living in Brussels, he works for the “Atelier d’architecture Bruno Erpicum“. We photographed him in his future home which he is currently refurbishing.

Powder and Pizza!

The last couple of days it had snowed so much on the Italian side of Mont-Blanc that I couldn’t find where I had parked…

Another Man – Steven Redant

We met Steven in Barcelona, and for those of you who only know him on the dance floors around the world, here he is, sitting on a deckchair at home, embracing the world and ready for the next flight.

A Night with Florence + Her Industrial Harp Machine

Through the primal boom of stony drum beats came the soaring tune of a goddess divine. Florence + the Machine stopped in Chicago while on a mini US tour following the release of Ceremonials. Florence’s second album reveals a darker side of the star, but don’t worry; she wears it well and her hair is still bright red.

Another Man – Marcel Schiwon

We met Marcel in Berlin, he lived in the apartment beneath us with his husband, cat and dog. Always elegant, sophisticated and even fancy, his looks changing with the seasons…

Matías G. Martínez

As an artist, he possesses two marked styles: on one hand, he specializes in classic illustrations which are hand-made with graphite, with a tendency of overloaded details and rich textures; and on the other hand, he does digital illustrations mainly oriented towards caricatures of distinguished people.

Another Man – Martin Lewicki

‘Another Man’ is our first on-going photographic series for GUSMEN. The idea is to build a collection of photos of men sitting, each holding an object of their choice. This can sound a bit awkward at first but a man’s posture says a lot about him.


More from Portugal: all men, all fashion & all good. Newly printed magazine, sold only in the best shops around the globe. Past editions…

And now Robert Mapplethorpe?

A biopic of Robert Mapplethorpe starring James Franco is in the air, and this is very, very good news! The film “Mapplethorpe” will follow…

Alone in a forest

Tom Schraven captured by Jeremy Louis Jolie. Wild and sexy! Image source: Photographer Jeremy Louis Jolie


Very stylish photos of Jack and a friend shot by Olaf Blecker. Image source: Photographer Olaf Blecker