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No Vampire Power with GreenZero

[wide][/wide]Only you can prevent vampire power: when gadgets are left plugged into a wall outlet, most chargers still unnecessarily suck up a fair amount…

Staple Design & Case-Mate iPhone Pigeon Case

You can never have too much protection for your beloved iPhone, can you? The mark of Staple Design and its jeffstaple conceived “Pigeon” theme…

China Tests Train That Hit 500km/h

[wide][/wide]China’s largest train maker, CSR Corp Ltd, launched over the weekend its first test train that can reach speeds of up to 500 km…

iPad Mini More Than Just a Rumor

[wide][/wide]Although Steve Jobs reportedly said the user experience on a screen smaller than ten inches would not suffice, Apple is known to change their…

New double-decker hybrid bus for London

No one can deny that the double-decker buses roaming the streets of London are a national icon, yet it would appear that they are…

Black and Smart phone by Hugo Boss for Samsung

Samsung after having successfully collaborated with Giorgio Armani and presenting the Galaxy S well known edition, is now coming in line with Hugo Boss….

Sonos Multi-Room Wifi HIFI System

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System makes it extremely simple to bring a world of music to any room in any home.

WEEZY, a New Bluetooth Music Receiver

The Weezy device has been designed to enable older home entertainment systems to be able to easily play music from smartphones and tablets.

Hard Core iPhone Protection by Case-Mate

Case-Mate, the company behind Tank, is touting how protective the new “military-grade” case is, and it has a unique retractable window that covers the screen but also gives you full access to the screen when needed.

Microsoft working on iPad version of Office

There are whispers going around that the software giant known as Microsoft will be working on an iPad version of their Office productivity software….

Mobislyder: A Portable Dolly for Your Smartphone

The folks over at Glidetrack have announced a new device called the mobislyder: a portable dolly that’s designed for small video enabled devices lets you recreate cinematic-style shots with handheld devices (that means no more shaky, Blair Witch Project/Cloverfield-style footage).

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit

Holga has now decided to cast a little of the ‘photography magic’ on the iPhone world with this awesome special effects lens kit.

iPad 3 release rumors

Reports have surfaced suggesting Apple will begin iPad 3 production in January 2012 and in the shop in March 2012. The report claims the…

Nokia Human Form: The Amazing Future

[wide][/wide] It looks like a creature which has just reached the next step of the evolutionary ladder. A baby jellyfish that somehow managed to…

Megaphone for I-phone!

[wide][/wide] Sometimes the simplest solutions can be just as effective, like the ‘en&is’ MegaPhone. The form was designed to amplify and optimize the best…

Ruby Designs Precious Helmets

Ruby® was born out of the parisian designer Jerome Coste’s obsession with this particular safety accessory. Jerome grew up in the world of mechanical…