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Gui Costa by Joseph Sinclair

Joseph Sinclair took some nice pictures of the promising Brazilian model Gui Costa in London.

The One Sport

Video of Adam Senn by Mario Vivenco for Dolce&Gabbana The One Sport.

Another Man – Dave Phillips

dp re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically via sonic de/construction and psycho-acoustics.

Fedja by Gregory Vaughan

Talented photographer Gregory Vaughan photographed Fedja at Chosen Models for our biggest pleasure. Image source: Greg Vaughan

Andre Ziehe for 2(X)ist 2012 Campaign

The Brazilian model Andre Ziehe presents the 2(x)ist Underwear 2012 Campaign promoting their Touch, Brite, and Pima collection. Image source: 2(X)ist

Izaak Love by Elvis Di Fazio

New face Izaak Love at eMg Models, photographed by Elvis Di Fazio. Image source: Elvis Di Fazio

The pain is over

Close shave from ‘Dressed Undressed’ by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty for GUSMEN

Wesley Pereira by Anton Jhonsen

Anton Jhonsen shot a subtle new series he captured with Victory Talent Management’s promising face, Wesley Pereira Image source: Anton Jhonsen

Zeb Ringle by Tony Duran

Sexy Zeb Ringle has been photographed for our biggest pleasure by world renowned photographer Tony Duran. Image source: Tony Duran

Dorian Reeves by Aldo Rossi

Photographer Aldo Rossi takes some black and white sexy and slippery (literally) photographs of the amazingly handsome Dorian Reeves. Image source: Aldo Rossi

Another Man – Jelle Van Seghbroeck

Jelle Van Seghbroeck is a talented Belgian photographer. We already featured Jelle twice on GUSMEN and it was about time for us to meet him, so we did. Here are the two links where you can check his work:

Osman Balkan

Osman Balkan being fascinated by contemplative moments, honesty, spontaneity and natural light, is a portrait-photographer, who starves to capture these moments on a piece of paper or film.