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Shoot the tiara…

[wide][/wide] Francisco Lachowski and Marlon Teixeira in a short film by Stewart Shining and Vincent Gagliostro. Director of Photography: Justin Marquis For ‘Made in…

Sleeping lovers

Willy Cartier and Paolo Roldan are photographed by Fabien Montique and styled by Tekla Knaust for Rodeo magazine.

Marguerite Duras reveals sexy secrets!

Diego Miguel features in the film ‘The Secret Life of Marguerite Duras’ directed by Joseph Lally & styled by Matthew Ellenberger for the latest…

Lonely Marlon!

Marlon Teixeira is captured by Saverio Cardia, in the story ‘A Man Alone’ for the November/December 2011 issue of Essential Homme. Image source: Photographer…

Eaux d’Hommes: now the exhibition!

The best photographs taken for the book about men and water (Eaux d’Hommes) by the famous French photographer François rousseau, are now exhibited in…

Eastern boy!

Yuri Pleskun from @ Request/Elite London captured by Cecile Harris.

Dirk Alexander – Out of the sea

[wide]                   [/wide] Dirk Alexander, born in Antwerp on the 2nd of September 1988, started photography…

Blue eyes

Eric Belanger shot by Michael Brus.

Sweet Skin

Italian Model Sasha Marini captured by Simone Monopoli in Skin Image source: Photographer Simone Monopoli

Never one without the other

Brazilian twins Marcos and Márcio Patriota photographed by Sean P. Watters Image source: Photographer Sean P. Watters

Oh Martin!

Austrian Model Martin Pichler captured by Rick Day

Jelle van Seghbroeck – Winter Pool

Jelle Van Seghbroeck is a Belgian photographer living around Brussels. After graduating his Master in Photography he established himself as a freelance photographer for…

Wild and trash!

[wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] Stephane Olivier, Nil Hoppenot, Enok Groven, Andreas Sjoqvist, Fredric Johansson, Jake Hold and Edgaras Madaminovas, captured by the lens…

Boys on a pose

American born, Rion Sabean gives us a manly vision of the typical 40’s pin up poses. Yes, real men with real jobs can also…

Dreamers… by Christian Rios

Several images from the new book, ‘Dreamers’ from Christian Rios. With Luke Armitage, Tyson Paige, Andrew Gray, Tyler Lough and Nick Bellenbaum. Image source:…

Run, baby run!

This film for Hercules Magazine n°11, is starring Emilio Folres, a cute Traffic Model!
Emilio is dressed (and undressed) by Dior Homme.

In the mood

[wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] Ivan Hmir jumps for Bell Soto. You can try to catch him! Image source: Photographer Bell Soto

Artur, from Vienna

Artur, a cute Austrian model captured by photographer Natalie Egbowon.

Guns and horses

Photographer Samuel Zakuto travels to Iowa for a rural story for Hercules Magazine, featuring Request models Ram Boneh and Ryan Bertroche. Dressed by Wrangler, they seem to be confortable!