Marlon and Alexandre

Marlon Teixeira and Alexandre Cunha photographed by Dimitris Theocharis.. Image source: Photographer Dimitris Theocharis


Jacques-Antoine captured by the french photographer Brice Hardelin

Ryan is burning

Photographer Greg Swales captures Ryan Taylor with the story ‘House on Fire’ for the 18th issue of Fiasco magazine.

Pretty news from Brazil!

Caio Cesar, Victor Gaspar and Rafael Berger are photographed by Du Borsatto in Espirito Santo, Brazil! Caio is always so sexy!

“Dressed to Kill” by Nicolas Valois

[wide][/wide] Jamie Wise and Marlon Teixeirra, directed by Nicolas Valois. Styling: Rene Gloor Make-up: Audrey Gautier Hair: Frederic Taglia For ‘Soon International Magazine’. Video…

Alone in a forest

Tom Schraven captured by Jeremy Louis Jolie. Wild and sexy! Image source: Photographer Jeremy Louis Jolie

Last summer

[wide] [/wide] ‘Suddenly Last Summer’, a shooting by photographer Slava Mogutin. Image source: Photographer Slava Mogutin

In bed with Nikola

Nikola Jovanovic captured by Rick Day, in bed! Image source: Photographer Rick Day

The Pin-up Boys of Louis Dupont (Part 2)

[wide][/wide] The in-depth exploration of men’s bodies is the center of gravity of these short films, where men are offering their nudity to the…

Colors of life!

Bruce Raubenheimer is photographed by Justin Hollar with happiness! Image source: Photographer Justin Hollar

What is Chris thinking?

Chris Petersen shot by Joseph Gray. He’s so nice when he’s thinking! Image source: Photographer Joseph Gray