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The Vipp Shelter Keeps You Focused on Nature

Who never dreamed of escaping in a shelter in front of a lake surrounded by trees. Vipp made this kid’s dream possible.

The Vipp shelter is going back to basics: back to nature with basic functions

The Vipp Shelter is a 55m2 plug & play getaway allowing you to escape urban chaos. The shelter is provided with all the necessities and nothing more!

A Nature retreat: Open spaces on the basement – cleverly open with minimal frames, the nature has the first place.
Vipp701-Shelter-Outside03-Low1 Vipp701-Shelter-Outside-Night01-Low

Night space on the upper part – keep calm and enjoy the sky full of stars.

“Each pieces of interior with its predominant dark tones are carefully selected in order to keep focus on what’s important – Nature ». Morten Bo jensen, chief designer at Vipp … we wanted to conceive something different; an escape in the form of an object designed down to last detail, where the only choice left to the customer, is where to put it”
Vipp701_Bathroom01_Low Vipp701_Daybed01_Low

Image source: VIPP

Architects: VIPP

Chief Designer: Morten Bo Jensen

Photographs: Courtesy of VIPP

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