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Achraf Amiri goes next level. His latest achievement is a 160 pages magazine. Issue #0 of Illustrashion Magazine goes beyond creativity, packed with exclusive…

The BEASTIE BOARD, Along X Chidy Wayne

The new BEASTIE BOARDS series is a collaborative effort between Brooklyn based skate & surf house ALONG and artist CHIDY WAYNE from Barcelona. ALONG…

PRADA Journal: A Place for New Stories

Prada, in keeping with the brand’s innovative spirit, launches a literary contest in cooperation with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore. As it spans across fashion and…

Enjoy the Games by Achraf Amiri

Fantastic illustration by one of our favorite illustrators/artists – Achraf Amiri.
Don’t forget to enjoy the games!

Miron Schmückle

Miron Schmückle was Born in Sibu, Romania in 1966. He studied experimental painting at Muthesius Art School in Kiel and Performance art in Art Academy Hamburg.

Olivier Valsecchi

As a way to translate his emotions, Olivier Valsecchi uses others’ bodies to convey his trance and compose pictures that he qualifies as self-portraits, although he doesn’t appear on the photos.

Diego & Dmitry – The Humping Pact

The Humping Pact is a suspended act of affirmative persistence. It is an aesthetic meditation on the human desire to believe in the futile and to conceive the impossible.

Fabio Kallas

Fabio Kallas is a freelance artist born in San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 July, 1982. In 2000 after graduating from High School, he started…

Katerina Jakusova

Introducing Katerina, an illustrator who combines humor with great line-work and inks the world around her on paper.

Nicolas Fontaine

Nicolas Fontaine was born 1985 in Montreal Canada.
Painting, as always, played an important role in his life since both his grandfather and great-uncle were painters.

Matías G. Martínez

As an artist, he possesses two marked styles: on one hand, he specializes in classic illustrations which are hand-made with graphite, with a tendency of overloaded details and rich textures; and on the other hand, he does digital illustrations mainly oriented towards caricatures of distinguished people.