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Oli Sansom

He picked up a camera nearly three years ago to use for his first overseas trip. He started thinking more about it this year and how to take the kind of images he wants to see.

illya-knight-interview-gusmen 2

Illya Knight – Interview

The thing that made me become a photographer is when I as stylist saw what the photographer did not. And when the final result of the shoot came out, it didn’t come out per say of how I thought it would be.

illya-knight-photographer-gusmen 8

Illya Knight

Normally we don’t want to look at ourselves but we judge, we are obsessed upon fashion and style. We are who we are beneath the clothing we wear;


Jay Schoen

Jay was born in Italy in 1988. During college for the first time he kept his hands on a camera as short film director. From that moment he never stopped shooting.


The Hoop

Acrobats in Barcelona also wanted to participate in Dressed & Undressed, here’s an amazing man performing with and without clothes.

dior-photoshoot-gusmen-vila-empain 6


Intoxicated by seduction….Kris Van Assche for DIOR HOMME reached the level of Less & More.


Think twice

See more Dressed and Undressed pics. Photography by Ana Pla Deu & E.M Waty

a phase 01

Olivier Valsecchi

As a way to translate his emotions, Olivier Valsecchi uses others’ bodies to convey his trance and compose pictures that he qualifies as self-portraits, although he doesn’t appear on the photos.


Campus Sunset

At the University campus in Barcelona we got to dress and undress some volunteers.


Breakfast in Barcelona

Breakfast in Barcelona with a male Butoh dancer.

KVA_LINDA FARROW_SS12 - credit Alessandro Dal Buoni_7_HD

Alessandro Dal Buoni

Alessandro Dal Buoni is one of these photographers that leap us up by a supreme aesthetic. One of these natural born artists that make you want to see realness in a new way……


Another Man – Harlan Levey

Images and video by Ana & Waty (universalpoison)


Matthias Brandt

Matthias is a German, San Francisco based photographer. Matthias studied Social Work in Berlin but gave up Social Work after a few years and went on to study photography in San Francisco. He…


Another Man – Elvis Pompilio

Elvis Pompilio is a Belgian fashion designer who specialises in hats. He was born in Liège to a family of Italian origin.

Jay Read

Alexandra Jasper – Jay Read vs Wolverine

“Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly To be fearful of the night” Photographer: Alexandra Jasper Model: Jay Read…


Another Man – Dave Phillips

dp re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically via sonic de/construction and psycho-acoustics.


The pain is over

Close shave from ‘Dressed Undressed’ by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty for GUSMEN


If you knew how much I loved him

First photos from the project ‘Dressed Undressed’ by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty for GUSMEN


Another Man – Jelle Van Seghbroeck

Jelle Van Seghbroeck is a talented Belgian photographer. We already featured Jelle twice on GUSMEN and it was about time for us to meet him, so we did. Here are the two links where you can check his work:


Osman Balkan

Osman Balkan being fascinated by contemplative moments, honesty, spontaneity and natural light, is a portrait-photographer, who starves to capture these moments on a piece of paper or film.

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