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A man in a suit… An icon figure from father to son, an every-day vision of charm, sexiness and bold appeal. This is a style wanderlust. A suit in the mood of the…


Another Man – Vehap Shehi

Vehap is a young talented architect living in Brussels, he works for the “Atelier d’architecture Bruno Erpicum“. We photographed him in his future home which he is currently refurbishing.


Edgar Chevrel

Edgar Chevreuil Jimenez, better known as Edgar Chevrel, was born in San Diego, California, U.S. in July 3, 1992.


Another Man – Steven Redant

We met Steven in Barcelona, and for those of you who only know him on the dance floors around the world, here he is, sitting on a deckchair at home, embracing the world and ready for the next flight.


The Jacket Evidence

Photography: Ana Pla Deu & E.M. Waty Fashion Editor: Yannis Giotakos Model: Davide Bartoli Vintage Biker Jacket Bracelets THOMAS SABO

Jarmo-gusmen-model-black-hair-ana-pla-deu-waty 6 (1)


There’s a caveman in this Dutch boy…


Jarmo II

See more Dressed and Undressed pics. Photography by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty


Jarmo I

See more Dressed and Undressed pics. Photography by Ana Pla Deu and E.M. Waty



Photography: Ana Pla Deu & E.M. Waty


Another Man – Marcel Schiwon

We met Marcel in Berlin, he lived in the apartment beneath us with his husband, cat and dog. Always elegant, sophisticated and even fancy, his looks changing with the seasons…


Another Man – Martin Lewicki

‘Another Man’ is our first on-going photographic series for GUSMEN. The idea is to build a collection of photos of men sitting, each holding an object of their choice. This can sound a bit awkward at first but a man’s posture says a lot about him.


Eric Lanuit – Rowing Nothing Else

Born in Paris in 1965, ERIC LANUIT has always been interested in image, fashion and photography. His bedroom was full of vintage Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar issues and his first photo shooting was at the…


Jelle Van Seghbroeck

Photographer: Jelle Van Seghbroeck Make up: Tom Vandewalle Model: Jeroen Soete Clothes (picture n.5): Head piece : Niels Peeraer, Sweater and Jeans : Skunkfunk All other clothes model’s own

Wander Aguiar - What 2 Wear

Wander Aguiar – What 2 Wear

Brazilian-born WANDER AGUIAR has always been fascinated with people and the art of photography; he got his first camera on age 12 and started shooting his family members on vacations trips.


Christoph Köstlin – Caixa

Christoph Köstlin was born in Germany in 1983. After school he finished his training as a portrait-photographer in Cologne and moved to Zürich in, Switzerland, in the summer of 2008.   In Zürich, his interests…


Dirk Alexander – Out of the sea

Dirk Alexander, born in Antwerp on the 2nd of September 1988, started photography the two last years of secondary school (SISA Antwerpen). After that he studied photography at Sint-Lukas Brussel and got his…


Jelle van Seghbroeck – Winter Pool

Jelle Van Seghbroeck is a Belgian photographer living around Brussels. After graduating his Master in Photography he established himself as a freelance photographer for various magazines, advertising agencies and independent designers. Jelle Van…


The Road Not Taken

Photography by Ana Pla Deu & Waty for GUSMEN
Including a ‘behind the scenes’ video!

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