Rough Cut by the Lion

[wide]peugeot_rcz1[/wide] A triumph of style and technical prowess, the Peugeot RCZ opened a new chapter in the history both of the marque and of compact coupés.
Drawing inspiration from the passion and know-how of its designers and engineers, Peugeot instills its brand values in every vehicle it manufactures. Sometimes however, freed from constraints and fired by creativity, Peugeot takes a bold new step and introduces “lifestyle” vehicles that are truly exceptional. The latter always arouses emotion, inspiring admiration among motoring enthusiasts and immense pride on the part of their makers.




From the outside it’s rather hard to fault the design. It’s French, but it’s not your typical Peugeot elongated quirky design that polarises opinion. A few may not like the look of the RCZ, but most will. It’s gorgeous from the front, rear, side and pretty much any other angle as well. The double-bubble roof and twin aluminium roof arches are two of the most unique features in a modern mass produced car today. Add in Peugeot’s rather peculiar styling and all of sudden the RCZ has a certain presence to it.




The front feline look, a characteristic of the manufacturer, the soft contours of the wings and the large diameter wheels, the spoiler and ruby-red LED rear lights with their crystal look create a general appearance that combines sensuality and power, technology and distinction.

Designed to enhance the sheer enjoyment of driving, the Peugeot RCZ is also dynamic -1.6 litre THP 147 kW/200 bhp engine – (or TPI 2.0 liter HDi), and responsible, offering an innovative blend of performance and environmental-friendliness. With its reduced weight, fine-tuned aerodynamics and modern engine technology, the entry level model has CO2 emissions of only 139 g/km.

Besides, the comfort offered in this car is also very good. Pleasure in driving can also be obtained from this car. 2011 Peugeot RCZ with a variety of benefits from Peugeot RCZ, do not be surprised if this car is much admired by many people from various circles.
This car has high performance engines in every sense of the term, generous torque and power, low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and compliance with the Euro 5 standard. These environmental concerns were one of the project’s key priorities, constituting a modern and responsible approach for a vehicle in this segment.



There are two types of sports cars in the world. Ones that are built to be sports cars and others that are forced to be sports cars. The RCZ is of the first kind. Its driving characteristics easily reinforce that belief. My only initial issue was the light clutch, but that’s something you can quickly get used to. The manual gearbox is easy to use, even in traffic. If you like sports cars then you’d have to be mad not to pick the diesel or high-output petrol variant over the low output automatic petrol.

The Peugeot RCZ is a brilliant car for the price. It’s arguably the best looking car in its class with above average performance and comes packed with a whole heap of standard features.

Image source: Peugeot
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