[wide][/wide] It often happens that I’m enchanted by a trailer and the movie turns out to be a major disappointment. I rarely fail to be impressed by trailers, but for a film to be a revelation, to absorb me into its world from the first image till the last sound…just like The Drive by Danish Director Nicolas Refn did. Nothing that might be considered exaggerated or unrealistic happens in the movie, on the contrary, everything is perfectly credible.

I find it very difficult to talk about this movie, especially because there isn’t much to say. The script is very simple. The production is brilliant! Drive is an action movie…. and a love story … and a drama. Just that, it’s not a typical action film with a classical love story. I keep on thinking that Nicolas Refn was a big fan of action movies when he was a child. But growing old he realized that if you cut yourself, you really bleed, you don’t just get dirty, and if you hit your head you get dizzy. And the bad guys that know how to kill you with bare hands are not very talkative and their lines are not that smart or funny. And the beloved woman is just lovely, not a top model. Nicolas Refn started to make a movie to show us all how life and feelings are in bloody environment and adverse circumstances.
And so, Nicolas Refn received the Cannes award for Best Director this year. All this being said, Enjoy the movie.

P.S: The soundtrack is one of the best details of the film, the perfect expression of the images on the screen.

Video source: Youtube
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[wide][/wide] It often happens that I’m enchanted by a trailer and the...
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