Scott Weiland – Winter Wonderland

“Winter Wonderland” brilliantly captures the same traditional holiday vibe of the album and finds Scott Weiland channeling the signature sound that Bing Crosby brought to the song nearly 50 years ago. The video features Weiland in several retro Christmas scenes, driving a sleigh and watching old 8mm videos. This song is taken from « The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year », an album which is very much a passion-project for Weiland. In his note accompanying the album, he writes: “I hope this music, a labor of love from all of ‘us,’ finds you and touches your heart and soul. For that was the purpose of it. Not just these fabulous musicians but moreover, it was the absolute intent of the original writers, players, and legendary icons from days long gone. I have to pause and wonder…whether it be Frank, Bing, or Nat King Cole himself. Are these times really so different? A lot of these tunes were written during times of strife within our country and, in fact, around the world. Whether it be the depression or wartime, when these Christmas messages were sent out to men & women of our armed services in a fox-hole or hospital, just as today those brave souls who dare to give it all.” Merry Christmas to everyone!

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