Illy’s Y1 Touch ‘’Pure Black’’: Elegant Minimalist Coffee Machine

Illy’s Y1 Touch offers the coffee connoisseur an entirely new approach to enjoying the culture of preparing and drinking coffee due to the device’s well-balanced functionality and language of form.

Y1.1 Touch Special Edition

This design coffee machine creates café-quality, authentic Italian espresso from a diminutive 24cm square base – elegantly smooth, spare yet substantial, fashioned from tempered glass and brushed aluminum.

Y1.1 Touch Special Edition

The housing of the Y1 Touch is largely inspired by cubic forms, lending this coffee machine a harmonious and almost architectural appearance. This impression is enhanced by the use of high-quality materials such as aluminium and glass, which are easy to clean.

Y1.1 Touch Special Edition

The control panel was designed to protrude invitingly towards the user with the aim to also make the gesture of preparing coffee come figuratively to the fore. The compact housing made of aluminium accommodates the water tank and is covered by a coloured glass surface featuring a preheating area. The brewing system, the opening and closing mechanism, and the receptacle for the automatically ejected coffee capsules are located on a tower element that is slightly tilted toward the user.
Using the machine is simple but this is only used with the capsules from Illy so you need to continue purchasing them either on the internet or at local stores


If enjoying a cup of coffee is an integral part of your lifestyle, buy the Pure Black limited Edition of the Y1 Touch . Turn the machine on and once the white light around the button comes on the unit is ready to use, touch simply the button on the glass and the water will start to flow through the capsule into your cup. You got your coffee in style. Enjoy !


gruppo barattoli 21 capsule Monoarabica iperespresso home

The Pure Black Limited Edition of the Y1 Touch will be in sales soon with a suggested retail price of 199,59 €

Image source: Illy
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