Philips Original Radio: When Vintage meets Technology

Philips started with radio back in 1927, but it’s most classic radio is the Philetta 254, released in 1955. Not one to ignore the retro trend, Philips has released the Philips Original Radio: it’s an advanced radio and docking station that delivers a great sound experience for today’s listener.


Original Radio picks up on the design of the Philetta, with the same sexy knobs, highlighting detail across the front and curve to the body. But this is bang up to date when it comes to technology. There is various options available with the option to have an iPhone dock, or not. DAB+ and FM radio are available.


The radio is extremely versatile, making it a great asset for any home. Whether it is in the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, Original Radio brings vintage glamour to any setting. The black front and the premium wooden casing form the framework for the radio’s high-quality finish. Two aluminum knobs on the front are used to control the volume and playback option. The date, time and name of the current track are digitally displayed on the front.


This device not only ensures crystal-clear high and low tones, but also a powerful bass. Two 10-Watt-powered speakers transport impressive sounds into the room. Precise fine tuning provides a balanced musical experience which can be controlled simply using an iPod or iPhone. As well as receiving radio stations, you can use the dock to play all your music from your iPod or iPhone.



Simple, elegant, wonderfully designed: who said radio was dead?

Image source: Philips
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