DARK featuring Spacewalker, Spacewalker Junior and Spacebot by Constantin Wortman

Nearly one year after the takeover, the Belgian brand DARK is in a strong position and appears to be on a roll. Dozens of innovative design and collaboration with the best designers from Belgium and abroad. I really like two great pieces designed by the German designer, Constantin Worman.


His first collaboration with DARK gave birth to the Spacewalker, a lamp. With a twin brother named Spacewalker Floor. The only difference between the two is that one spends its life upside down and the other standing on the floor. With a height/length of 1,400cm and a width of 810cm, the Spacewalker comes in transparent white but you can add some colored bulbs to raise pulses (you can choose from red, blue and green or other on request). The tiny spacewalker weights 25kg.


Following the succes of Spacewalker,its little brother, the Spacewalker JUNIOR was born. This friendly creature puts a smile on your face. It is fun and playful, as if it just jumped out of its space-craft, weightless exploring new territory. This table lamp is designed to spice up your living room, office, lobby, restaurant, bar… and fills the space with happiness.



For his latest collaboration with Dark, Constantin Wortmann created the Spacebot, a design polyethylene floor lamp that is coming from Mars, looking for Venus. The Spacebot is the perfect friend for the Spacewalker.



Beyond what the eye can see, the technical aspect is at least equally important. Therefore, every lamp is designed with only the best materials and the latest technology, with an understanding of current trends and tastes. In this way, energy-efficiency and sustainability have been given a central place.

Image source: Dark
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