Comme des Garçons + Hermès = Comme des Carrés

There is something familiar about this title. Words we often heard but cannot determine precisely where and when.
Simple though. It is all about COMME DES GARÇONS and their Empress Rei Kawakubo printing their vision of things on the legendary “Carrés” of HERMÈS, which would be the French metaphor to designate the scarf.


Kawakubo commented that her interest was more into the beautiful prints of the Hermès scarf, depicted like priceless paintings. By the addition of abstract forms and texts Comme des Garçons transformed the legendary into unique.
A perfectly creative mind, pushing boundaries once again, that comes-up with two collections, the “Color” and the “Black & White”.


The Color collection goes facetious. It brings together like in a patchwork all forms of prints. Stripes, vichy and geometry play.
The Black & White collection is austere abstract art.


Creatively speaking, this could be one of the edgiest collaborations, taking into account the radical aesthetic, unlimited creative force of Kawakubo and her unique vision of graphics. On the other side, Hermès, the House that defines the most delicate and authentic classical taste of modern times.

Patchwork geant

An edgy approach, without any fundamentals changing. The chic & classy is all there.

Black&White collection only at Comme des Garçons Tokyo, Paris, New York
Color collection only at Dover Street Market London and Tokyo

Also available on from Feb. 6 for the Color and April 1st for the B&W.


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