Illy’s IDillyum: Rare Expresso Coffee with a Natural Low Caffeine Content

[wide]idillyum[/wide] A “chocolatish” and persistent aroma with a nuance of caramel, a perfect balance of sour and sweet undertones, and a natural low content of caffeine: these are the characteristics of Idillyum, the first mono origin coffee produced and marketed by illy. This Arabica Bourbon coffee is a rare and delicate variety grown in El Salvador.

Idillyum is the result of a long work on the ground through a variety of agronomical selections aimed at identifying a coffee that, while having a natural low content of caffeine, could guarantee an excellent cup of espresso, in line with the company mission. The process started with the establishment of a seedbed and the subsequent test of acclimatization in 1992 in Brazil, in the Cerrado area, one of the most famous worldwide for its high quality coffee production. At first, unfortunately, the results were disappointing because the plants did not satisfy the qualitative high standards agreed upon to prepare an illy espresso. Therefore illycaffè decided to make another trial in El Salvador, a country with volcanic soil, very rich in organic matter, where coffee is grown in natural shadow. This is a winning and distinctive characteristic that has allowed to grow this specific variety of coffee in El Salvador.
This is how in 1999 illy started the collaboration with a Salvadorean farmer selected by illycaffè to join this project. In the years this partner has worked side to side with illy researchers in many testing phases. From the first experiments on the field – aiming at understanding which was the ideal density for the full growth of the coffee plant– to the pursuit of the best pruning techniques. These were the beginnings of Idillyum.

Now Idillyum is available for gourmets and coffee-connoisseurs in capsules Iperespresso which guarantees the best possible espresso preparation.
You can find Idillyum per box of 21 capsules exclusively on

Image source: Illycaffé
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