Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum: Relaxing and Effective

[wide]anti-fatigue eye[/wide]Tired eyes? Dark circles? Not anymore! I have been searching for years for something that will get rid of my dark circles until I discovered Clarins Men Anti-fatigue Eye Serum. This product is really different from the creams I’ve used previously. Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum from Clarins Men freshen up tired eyes and helps reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, thanks to the draining effect of Ginko Biloba extract.

The serum is actually a blue gel which is really easy to apply and it is not sticky or oily. It reduces dark circles with a cooling effect. It minimizes the look of fatigue, so eyes look rested and relaxed.

Only after a few days I found my skin around the eyes felt firmer and my dark circles had actually reduced slightly. I also felt my eyes appeared to look brighter. This product is also good for getting rid of puffiness around the eyes according to Clarins.

Use it in the morning or evening, and whenever necessary. Apply through “dabbing” very carefully with a couple of fingers from the inner corner of eye and out.
Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum (20ml) is a part of the famous anti-aging range from Clarins Men.
I have to admit that Clarins Men Anti-fatigue Eye Serum has easily taken over as my favorite product to combat dark circles. Clarins products are definitely worth the money, they’re effective and they last a long time!

Image source: Clarins Men
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