New GT86: The Toyota’s Exciting Sports Car

The new Toyota GT 86 is on the market. Few weeks ago, I tested for a week the latest Toyota sport car and I will tell you more about it.

This sporty model is derived from the concept FT-86. The Toyota and Subaru design teams built this car on a completely new platform with the design objective of achieving ‘pure balance’.

The GT 86’s exterior styling and product planning was taken care of by Toyota, while Subaru supplied most of the parts – chassis, engine, transmission, brakes and suspension – that make the car apparently much fun to drive.


In the side of body design, this sexy car combines elegance with beauty and aggressiveness. GT 86 overall shape and design was inspired by the Corolla-based AE86 sports coupe that was unveiled in the 80s and I think it’s what I really like in this car!
The fascia is completely aggressive with long slit-looking headlights giving it a mean and intimidating look, as well as an enlarged lower grille. Towards the back, the new Toyota GT-86 gets a new rear spoiler. GT 86 will be presented with 17inch alloy wheels.
Lightweight material has been extensively used in the design of the car to achieve the perfect weight balance, which is responsible for the car’s superior ride and handling.


And for the interior, there is a flat-bottomed sporty steering accessorized with red stitching with size only 365 mm. In addition to that, the new GT 86 also has aluminum pedals, a navigation system, gauges that light with red neon, digital readouts, and a gray instrument panel that seamlessly molds into the darker dash.

The car’s cockpit is further reinforced by carbon effect trim, a sporting, all-black roof lining, red upholstery stitching, and aviation-style rocker switchgear. It comes with a large tachometer that offers at a glance visibility and readability during sports driving. Front seats are supportive and comfortable, pedal positions are perfectly set, and visibility is good all round. Even the GT 86 is a two-plus-two, don’t expect to get anyone over 170cm in the back seat.

For the performance, the new GT 86 is powered with 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-four engine which is the result of a joint development between Subaru and Toyota.
This engine produces 200 horsepower. This model accelerates from 0-100km/h in 6.2 second and the maximum speed is 220 km/h.


The new Toyota GT 86 is not just a fun, rear-drive coupe powered by a charismatic boxer engine. Driving it, I have been delighted to hear and feel the strong flavor of the engine burbling its way through the cabin. Its naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine delivers lots of torque through the bottom to mid-range, but could use a bit more punch at the top end.

The GT 86 feels light on the tarmac, and its ride is firm. Turn-in is sharp and pinpoint and body roll minimal, given the engine’s low center of gravity. Grip levels are high. Pure driving pleasure! 100% guaranty!


2013 Toyota GT 86 is a powerful and lightweight compact sports car with great balance of performance and handling. With this car Toyota has achieved its objective of developing a product that captures the true joy of driving and is a pure balance of performance, handling and fuel economy.
The GT86 is a blast to drive, giving to Toyota a cut-price Porsche Cayman rival.

Image source: Toyota
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