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Leaf through a fashion story in a magazine and notice which member of the creative team is cherished the most. Take into account that the photographer is the king or queen of it all and of course. I would name the stylist or fashion editor, by all means. Even though, there are no etymological boundaries between the two, these no regulated activities started out as hobbies. An exception is due to those who became style preachers and venerated as such. Not the clueless ones…

Scrolling up and down on Instagram, we came across Hommes_Placard by Nobopyon.
An authentic style lover named Noboru Ando from Dallas-Texas. His own closet, or his sanctuary would be the most appropriate term, is treasure-land. He delivers on a daily basis at least one outfit plus styling tips made of items from his own personal “garde-robe”, as the French would say. Because for Noboru French sounds good. “Hommes” is for “Men” and “Placard” is for “Wardrobe”.
It all began that day when the idea of creating a blog revealed cliché. Noboru has proved masterful creating an in-house studio where he plays photographer, stylist, post-production manager and publisher.

His role-models are legends. He quotes Yohji Yamamoto. “Start copying what you love. Copy, copy, copy, copy. At the end of the copy you will find yourself.”
The fascinating part is this interaction, when Noboru with his own stuff showcases everyday style and for all. It is inspiring and kind of a breakthrough. A message to all followers that everything is in the closet.
In the process of the hysterical trend setting and following, Noboru’s vision feels fizzy and for some of you his work would be the ultimate guide for an efficient use of your own wardrobe.

It is probably the first time we feature a person out there in the crowd that has surpassed any expectation in the use of style and provided a focus exclusively on the clothing as such.

Don’t keep it in the closet…

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Image source: Noburu Ando
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