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1968-2013 means also 45 years of impressive evolution in what could be named the wonder of fashion for all. This is pure requirement nowadays and H&M has met it successfully over the years.
But not without basic values around aesthetics and criteria of quality and taste. They dress us up and down the streets we float stylistically proud from head to toe, like wonderful persons.

But then nostalgia hit them and it became imperative to go through the origins of it.
And like fire in the sky, it all comes down to these 21 singular garments and accessories defining the precious substance of it all.

In 1968, H&M founder Erling Persson bought its neighboring outdoor clothing store “Mauritz & Widfross” and with a quantity of back-stock kick-started outdoor looks that actually were the primary style H&M proned. Digging into these archives designer Petter Klusell envisioned the future and the MAURITZ Archive Collection turned out to be a modern impersonation of the past.
Petter says: “ These are traditional garments that take on a new life in a modern context and that men can wear in any way they like”

We say that this capsule collection is a culture manifesto. A celebration of men united in the acceptance of their style origins and the endurance of their belief.

Our favorites:

The grey tweed blazer, seen above, made of wool from Abraham Moon & Sons with double leather trimmed patch and a chambray half-lining.

The cardigan jacket knitted from Shetland wool, slightly oversized with patch pockets and storm flap detail at the neck.


The hiking leather boots with a fully waterproof rubber foot & sole.


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