Sennheiser Goes Minimal with New Momentum On-Ear Colors


The new smaller Momentum On-Ear headphones have been released. They are, as you might guess, the on-ear alternatives to the over-ear Momentums. And they’re cheaper too.

I picked up a pair few days ago… I use it for a couple of hours, especially to work out at the gym. I found it from the first moment really comfortable.

These headphones should suit most people. They are compact, much smaller than the originals. The ear cups are well sized and the cups swivel slightly so an angle to suit you should be found. There is adequate travel in the metal headband slide to accommodate a fair range of head sizes.


The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear offers a similar warm sound as their big brother. The bass is vibrant and prominent in the overall sound, but doesn’t overwhelm treble and mid-range detail. Vocals in general sounded brilliant. Pretty darn good!




They’re also beautifully designed, sturdy and remarkably light, which is always desirable in a pair of headphones you intend to use on the move. The padded cups sat comfortably on our ears without exerting any uncomfortable pressure.

The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear are also very well-made. The headband is a single piece of flexible steel, the cups are high-quality moulded plastic and both the pads and headband padding are topped with something called Alacantra. It’s close in feel to suede or velour, but is more durable and resistant to the strains of everyday life than either. Alacantra is tough, water resistant and – more important of all – a pretty comfy material to have resting against your ears.

Their design is even less intimidating than the original Momentums, in part because of the colours they come in. Four shades are available – pink, pistachio (green), blue and cream – and all are mellow-looking.


The iPhone cable is similar except the right angle 3.5mm plug is much more compact and no longer swivels. It’s actually a nicer plug for attaching to a phone.

An interesting feature is the inclusion of a soft pouch as well as the zipper case. Both are good quality. The zipper case includes a small pocket to put in an airline or 1/4 inch adapter.


Honestly, I’m blown with the new Momentum On-Ear headphones. Sennheiser has retained the build quality of the larger over-ear headphones in a more compact form.


Sennheiser has successfully retained the larger headphones’ audio quality in this smaller design, too. These are certainly the best on-ear headphones I’ve ever heard.

Image source: Sennheiser
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