WAMS: the Perfect Trendy Treat for Your Feet!


You like Happysocks? You will love WAMS, the perfect trendy treat for your feet!

Daniel K. and Robert L. creator of WAMS which was founded in Italy in the early stage of 2013 and launched on the market in September. The aim of us is turning a basic item into a fancy fashion accessory, creating something new and unique.


Freedom, innovation, creativity and passion are values strongly related to our philosophy. As the Italian needle stand for high quality and combines reliability, positivism and a drop of WAMS madness to create a unique product. WAMS decided to produce 100% Made in Italy socks to guarantee a high quality product.


The WAMS team is young and highly motivated looking permanently for the perfect balance of quality and innovative designs. The socks consist at the moment of combed cotton that makes them both light and durable at the same time.


Find and buy your own WAMS online on www.wam-socks.com

Image source: WAMS
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