JYB “Magnificus, Bio-Organic, Cosmeticum”

“Magnificus, Bio-Organic, Cosmeticum. Nothing to add.”This is the story as wonderfully told by JYB, awesome cosmetics made with love!

What started our adventure was a desire; the desire to take care of ourselves by taking care of the world around us. That is how we created a line of responsible, positive, organic cosmetics that fit our urban lifestyles.
Over four years of research and development and thousands of ideas later…and here we are!
We designed the JYB line to be as natural and organic as possible, with delicious fragrances and textures and, especially, with long-lasting efficacy!
We filled our bottles with Nature’s best to make velvety creams, ultra-soft waters and refreshing gels that are kind to every skin type.
Composed of carefully selected ingredients and a dash of energy, our non-greasy products are easily assimilated by the skin. JYB gives free reign to its pampering instincts and accompanies the skin’s natural cycle to give it exactly what it needs – no more, no less.
Day after day, our skin is replenished with vitality, regains its balance, and more easily protects itself from the effects of aging.
There are no secrets between us… Everything is written on the label!
And we might add that our completely new laboratory has been elaborated in order to meet every standard in organic cosmetics.
Taking care of you also means responsible manufacturing, in small quantities, to bring you the freshest products! They are prepared in vacuum chambers to carefully protect all of our great ingredients.
And all JYB products are vacuum-packed and keep up to 6 months after opening.?And since we always take our ideas all the way, the entire JYB line is marketed without any outer-packaging.

Moisturising • cleansing • purifying
Using vitamin E rich-macadamia to cleanse and moisturise. Orange flower to purify and rebalance. It’s all in the fresh, melting texture. A face cleanser soft to the skin, harsh on impurities!
Apply tenderly with the fingertips or with a cotton wipe on damp skin, rinse with clear water or JYB floral water for an even fresher look.


Soothing • cleansing • skin strengthening
Bulgarian Rose, hamamelis, orange flower: the harmony of three floral waters to cleanse, calm and tone. Red patches fade away, the pores tighten (under the astringent effect). Well-moisturised, your skin is purified.
So fresh, you’re fully on form!
Apply joyfully on the face and the neck with the help of a cotton wipe in the morning, before your day cream and in the evening once you have removed your makeup. Suitable for all skins. Ideal for oily skins.


Intensely nourishing • velvety skin finish
Jojoba, shea and macadamia:? the alliance of three precious oils to provide a deep moisturising action and high protec- tion against all attacks. A milky texture that penetrates the skin instantaneously… you can dress immediately after applying it. Soothed, your skin, even if it’s very dry, finds comfort, suppleness and softness.? Plant your kisses here!?
Apply happily and abundantly all over the body, massaging it in until you achieve total penetration.


UV protection • healthy glow effect
Using sea-buckthorn, rich in vitamins (A, C, D, K, F, E) and omegas (3, 5, 6, 9), to regene- rate, together with musk rose, macadamia and jojoba with their moisturising and anti-ageing properties. And a touch of tomato to give you that sparkle. Your skin is soft and protected against the effects of UVA/UVB rays. The day gets off to a good start!
Apply lovingly on the face and the neck, each morning.


Reducing fatigue wrinkles • skin restoring
Alpine rose, the restorer that repairs the ill effects of UV light and free radicals. Macadamia, shea and apricot to nourish and eradicate the signs of fatigue. Sleep in peace: tomorrow your skin will be deeply moisturised, your colour sparkling.
The night will be calm!
Apply tenderly last thing at night on the face and on the neck, and massage softly.


Vegetal lifting • smooths out wrinkles
Using snow flake and black algae to stimulate the cells and smooth the features. Cornflower to calm and relieve. Wrinkles, shadows, bags all go. You look fresh and rested.
A vegetable-based uplift in an instant! *Organic ingredients
Massage gently in a circular motion around the eyes, morning and night.


Regenerating • moisturising
A complex of oils including tamanu and argan, to regenerate and calm, and provide deep moisturising. A non-fat formula with a velvet finish. A comfort for the most demanding skins!
Apply a drop tenderly to the face. On its own or as a supplement to JYB face creams.


Image source: www.jybcosmetics.com
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