Fun, Fab, Fashion

[wide][/wide]In life there are some guilty pleasures that can be hard to live without. One of those, at least for me, is Fashion Police on E!. Watching clothes that hardly anyone can afford dressed on celebrities being bitch slapped by the razor sharp Joan Rivers is as gratifying as stuffing yourself with chocolate. You get the same effect just less calories. Ms Rivers is getting a bit long in the tooth. Not that it can be seen in that skin tightened face. But who will replace the Queen Bitch? Can you imagine how bland this show would be without Rivers?

Giuliana Rancic is a true amazon who seems to be made for television but lacks the hard edge personality that is needed to puncture egos with deadly one-liners. Kelly Osbourne is far too sweet. She is the good cop to Joan Rivers’s bad cop. I like Kelly with her purple hair and her British accent. Ozzy’s daughter has really grown up and I think we should keep her sweet. George Kotsiopoulos is too much of a sidekick to fill Joan’s shoes though one could suspect that he would like to. Joan Rivers is one of a kind and you got to love a woman who can deliver a punchline that make a truck driver blush.

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