Urban Samurai, Groomed to Perfection with Rituals New Line for Men

[wide]Samurai-on-wood_left_768x400[/wide]Are you looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life?
I think finally after trying countless products of this type, I finally found one that I really like.
You know for sure Rituals already. It’s one of the first brand in the world to combine Home & Body Cosmetics.. Not only do they have amazing products for the whole family and home, but they also contribute to a better society through, Tiny Miracles Foundation. The Tiny Miracles foundation aims to break the poverty cycle in a small community of only 700 people living in Mumbai, India.

Samurai is new collection for men. This collection of powerful skin and body care products aims to give you confidence and strength to face the challenges of everyday life.
This new collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese Samurai warriors, who paid great attention to their personal appearance. Their careful grooming traditions were aimed at creating an appearance that builds power, control and confidence to support their battles and challenges.

RITUALS has translated this ancient Japanese tradition into a modern day custom for urban men.
The Ancient Samurai collection consists of 22 innovative skin and body products, which are formulated with powerful botanicals : Tiger Grass, Ginseng and Organic Bamboo protect and nourish your skin. The Japanese Mint refreshes and revitalizes both body and mind.
For an ultra-smooth shave result and fresh appearance use the Samurai Magic Shave gel and Shave Repair lotion.

Samurai Magic Shave
1. 2 in 1 mild & caring shaving cream
2. Rich moisturizing shaving cream
3. Nourishing and calming
4. A combination of the ancient Japanese ingredients of
Ginseng and Basil which calming effects.

Samurai Magic shave is a 2-in-1 mild & caring shaving cream that makes shaving easy and achieves an ultra-smooth result. This rich and moisturizing cream provides extra protection and care of the skin during and after shaving. A combination of the ancient Japanese ingredients of Ginseng and Basil which has nourishing and calming effects.

Be sure your face is dry before applying the Samurai Magic Shave. Apply more cream to the zones requiring extracare. Ideal for strong beard growth.

Samurai Shave Repair

1. Calminge after shave lotion
2. Extremely calming and hydrating (due to 20% Aloe Vera)
3. Nourishing
4. Containing Japanese Basil and Tiger Grass, moisturises and helps
the skin to relax.
This calming after shave lotion contains Japanese Basil and Tiger Grass
which moisturises and helps the skin to relax. Aloe Vera nourishes the skin
and helps to reduce redness to skin that’s been irritated by shaving. It leaves
the skin calm and hydrated.
Apply this light lotion that is quickly absorbed after shaving to help soothe and
restore the skin, leaving the skin calm and hydrated. The skin is well prepared
for its next shave. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Your lover will feel loved from head to toe when he will use these wonderful products to scrub and buff him into the handsome men.
RITUALS can be found at Rituals.com.
Samurai Magic Shave – 300ml – € 19,50
Samurai Shave Repair – 100 ml – € 17,50

Image source: Rituals
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