AXE: Find Your Magic!


Who needs a sixpack, when you’ve got the nose?

Male grooming brand Axe has just debuted a new ad showing off a more mature side of the company that first became famous for promoting the adolescent “Axe Effect.”

I can imagine that some of you are sighing ‘finally’ !

The Axe Effect, and the notion that spraying yourself with deodorant will turn you into a babe magnet, feels both sexist and out of step with contemporary notions of masculinity.


This new ad campaign, titled “Find Your Magic”, praises maleness that is unique and varied. The ad shows off a host of men ‘doing their own thing.’ An announcer concludes the ad by declaring, “Who needs some other thing when you got your thing, now work on it.” The idea here is that the most important asset you possess is not a 6-pack but rather that intangible thing that makes you uniquely “you.”


The packaging of the range, designed by PB Creative, reflects a better quality product than may have previously been associated with Axe, while the new ad campaign hopes to encourage men to be more confident and comfortable with who they are.

72andSunny Amsterdam Executive Creative Director Carlo Cavallone added, “With Find Your Magic we’re out to liberate guys from pressure and bullshit, and empower them to be the most attractive men they can be — themselves.”
And at GUSMEN, we know what he’s talking about : GUSMEN is the Lifestyle Magazine for the Liberated Man!

Image source: Axe
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