Happy Easter! by Maison Dandoy

“Whatever our colour, we are all the same on the inside.”


Dandoy, the family biscuit maker, and chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud bring you the chocolate Easter egg with authentic Brussels Speculoos. This new baby is a witness to these two Brussels based icon’s craftsmanship and love of first-class ingredients. Both slightly crisp and deliciously fudgy, it’ll open your mouth to a spicy symphony celebrating the wedding of chocolate and Speculoos in harmony of cinnamon, ginger of Guillin, red berries of Persia, bits bean of Madagascar, pistachios of Evoïa….
You’ll bite it again and again.
Maison Dandoy, Spectaculoos Speculoos?


Milk chocolate
Bits bean of Madagascar and pistachios of Evoïa


White chocolate
Red berries of Persia and vanilla Speculoos


Dark chocolate
Ginger of Guilin, red berries of Persia and bits bean of Madagascar

Image source: Maison Dandoy
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