Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

The video is amazing. The singer showed off a fierce, unapologetic persona in the video, which saw Swift in full zombie makeup, scowling while bathing in a tub full of diamonds, and robbing a vault with a posse of kitty cat-masked pals.

Notably, at the end, a triumphant Swift stands atop a writhing pile of her former selves, all clawing and kicking at each other to make it to the top. Four-and-a-quarter minutes of salt and self-parody — the villain and the victim — in a swell of high-production pop references which, to Swift, also count as personal ones, too. The gang’s all here: “Thriller,” the Red era, crimped-hair-crying, Kardashian bashing, snakes of course…
But still, in all those images, Swift left a lot to be decoded. Get it?

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